It seems like you have found our little dark corner in the inter webs. In here you will find all the information from our hacking group. You can start with the following questions to get started.

Dark Corner is a Palo Alto (California) hacking group. We like to hang around security minded people, help newbies get involved into the infosec, and hack (legally) together.

We meet the second Monday of every month. Go checkout our meetup page for more information.

The meet ups are absolutely free to attend and participate.

Absolutely! We have people of all skill levels, from completely new people all the way to seasoned veterans who have been hacking for years.

Yes, please come chat with us in slack! Members are frequently chatting about bug bounties and other hacking projects they’re working on.

We’d love to have you! Hit up muffin or dark12 in the slack channel if you have anything security related you’d like to talk about.

The meetup format varies from month to month, but is typically either a presentation on offensive security topics or a hack sesh where people come and work on things like wargames or bug bounties.

The dark corner lab is a place where people can come learn to hack by practicing against real systems. It consists of network accessible by VPN which has a variety of purposefully vulnerable systems for you to attack.

Live one on one training is available for purchase. Right now Linux 101 and Web Hacking 101 are available.