Join our slack channel, all of our organizers plus a lot of members are always active talking about new hacking tools, and collaborating on bug bounties.


The meetup page is where it all started. There you can find all the upcoming events, and even training classes if any are available.


Kali Linux

Kali Linux is "The" operating system for security people. If you want to get into offensive security, it is a must that you start using this OS.


Metasploitable is a vulnerable virtual machine developed by Offensive Security (same people that created Kali). It is the perfect target for you to start getting familiar with hacking.


Damn Vulnerable Web App (DVWA). Just like metasploitable, this tool will help you sharpen up your hacking skills.


Burp is a web proxy that is a must on your hacking toolkit for any web related hacking. This tool has a paid version, which we highly encourage if you are getting serious into hacking, whether it is for bug bounties or as a profession.



This war game, made by Over The Wire, will put you on a very good start on your Linux skills. A required skill to have in this line of work.


Or 'Satan' backwards... is the most popular Over The Wire war game. This one is mainly focused on web exploitation.


If you want to know about common AWS mis configurations and security flaws, then flAWS is the war game to do.


Last but not least, VulnHub will become your best friend if you are serious about hacking. This site is a compilation of vulnerable machines that are ready for to download and start hacking.